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skin is the largest organ in the body.

The skin body is made up of the skin and its compounds, including the hair, nails, perspiration, and oil glands.

Protection is one of the skin’s primary roles. It shields the body from environmental dangers like temperature, toxins, and pathogens.

Let’s get away from the scientific aspect and talk about the aesthetic feature.
I would like to tell you an exciting story.
If you are like me a lady or even a gentleman who cares about your skin health, it might have occurred over and over again that you have been doubtful when buying cosmetics. Because of the existence of millions of different brands of cosmetic products, buyers face a dilemma of which one can be selected.
Honestly, it happened to me so much!

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If you look at my makeup wardrobe, you will find all kinds of powders and high-priced cosmetics that may not be used once more.
If I want to make the cost of these items someday, my head will probably be exploded.
Every time I get out of the stylish and large cosmetics shop, I say to myself, oh, my God, does this face cream great for my skin or it is rubbish goods again?

How about you?

You’ve ever thought that you spend a few per cent of your annual income on cosmetics that are not only suitable for your skin but also make it worse?
How long would we be bombarded with all kinds of advertising and imitate the decision to buy a brand used by celebrities and beauty fashion women in magazines, while they do not care each person’s skin should be analyzed separately for proper powder?

Make it and use it.
Let me tell you a memory for you. Maybe you have the same experience as me. It has been repeated that I enter a very large store with beautiful young women sellers.

Immediately, they come to me and give my skin too much opinion. This powder is the best brand. Most of our customers bought it, and they were quite satisfied. Oh, did you know that gorgeous actress uses it? She had a smooth face and skin. Everyone who sees her will love her. You must have seen what smooth skin she has! All you are looking for is it because if you don’t use this product, you will get older very soon.

They scare you that you are not enough beautiful.
And you think about what is more important than staying young my dear skin!
Another lady’s daughter comes forward and says under your eyes are awful, black, and just this cream will be a miracle for you. Believe me, I sold 2000 just in 2 days. After rubbing for a week three times a day, you will see no trace of black under your eyes!
And this is happening while you are trying to read the very small items printed and are surprised to stare at plenty of products, a large volume of other cosmetics, on the counter of the shop. This is the repetitive story of many of us we’ve been involved in. Am I right?!

Don't you think we should stop this rather lifestyle no longer?

How long should we give our beautiful skin to people's hands who are just thinking about their interests and aiming at selling their products?

Woman applying face cream-skinpride

OK, this is the right time to introduce the phenomenon in the AI world.
Let me give you the good news.
Our specialists at a Startup company called SkinPride have solved our lifetime problems forever.
A unique valuable innovation for every woman, every gentleman, retailer, big cosmetic company and anyone who cares about their skin.
SkinPride is the name of an app that analyzes your skin and gives you real advice on what cosmetics are suitable for your skin.
In the next posts, you will be more familiar with this amazing phenomenon.

Thank you for being with us

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